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Revolution eMedia has been actively involved inelearning solutions for over a decade. Interact with the system through video, books and quizzes and get rewarded with certificates.

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We will consult with you to gather insight and inspiration in order to create stunning websites that look and work great on all types of devices. We will develop unique and engaging web solutions that attract and convert new leads, scale as you grow and all the while are secure and reliable.

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We have been involved in all facets of video production and motion graphics for years. Couple that with decades of digital design experience, and you get the best bet for boosting your brand to stand out amongst the crowd. Charge us with creating bold and beautiful videos that are smooth flowing and easy to follow.

Self-Paced Learning

We want to help you teach! Provide us with the course material, and we’ll build you a Learning Management System. Train your employees or teach your students with video, quizzes, forms and articles, and get help putting your lesson together with experienced content writers and instructional designers.

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Business Improvement Techniques
Customer Service
Team Work and Communication
Design Online Courses
Building Lessons
Learn with Moodle
Elements and Principles of Design
Digital Photography
Image Manipulation
Creating Video
Digital Citizenship
Watership Down
The Hobbit
Psychology of Cinema
Green Screen Lighting For Beginners
Exploring Gender and Technology in Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror Films

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