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November 8, 2013 classesadmin

Knowledge Is An Investment: eLearning ROI

We live in an information-based society, which is propagated through advancements and improvements in technology, and this is not a trend that will be ending anytime soon. Indeed, seeking streamlined ways to deliver information and knowledge is the key to maintaining a dynamic workforce, and elearning is fast becoming the preferred way to deliver the education that a busy workforce needs to remain competitive.

According to education experts, an elearning environment helps boost employee engagement, leads to higher elearning ROI, and the company benefits from increased employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Increased Educational Engagement

Anyone who has ever managed to make their way through formalized schooling understands that maintaining your interest in the material demands being able to utilize the information in a timely manner. Unless there is some form of context to apply the information, the knowledge itself seems to have no bearing on the student’s life, and the learning process suffers as a result of the lack of student engagement.E-learning chart

This pedagogical fact applies to corporate-based training programs as well. Employees who are forced to put down their work to go to training classes show less engagement than elearning based learning modules. Indeed, employee disengagement is cited as one of the leading causes of disengagement and absenteeism from the office. Engaging those employees, with relevant education capsules leads to higher productivity and profitability.

Increased Elearning ROI

Elearning, when incorporated into the daily routine of your workers, leads to an increased return-on-investment over older educational methods. Adopting an elearning educational approach translates into higher employee engagement, and lower operational costs associated with educating your workforce. This, in turn, leads to increased elearning ROI for each educational dollar spent.

According to IBM, their transition from class-based training to elearning modules has increased employee engagement while cutting down on the expense of travel and content delivery. This move has cut educational costs by $400 million annually for IMB, while still delivering the training that their workforce needs to prosper, thus resulting in an excellent elearning ROI.

Increased Employee Retention and Satisfaction

Nothing is more frustrating for employees than not being given the tools for success in their positions. As mentioned, in this technologically driven world, the keys to success come wrapped in educational content, and when you provide those tools to your employees you can expect them to not only thrive but survive. As a business owner, you don’t need to be told that hiring and training new personnel is an expensive prospect. As such, developing the talent that you already have is a win-win for both your company’s bottom line and your satisfied, well-trained workforce.

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