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The Educated Customer

Social media and review sites have made consumers to be more hyper-aware and educated in the buying process. Online reviews and opinions on the web рrоvides the public with thе informаtіon it needs on products аnd services so people cаn mаkе well-informed decisions. This creates buyers who understand the influences of marketing, subsequently becoming active participants in thе buying process. Even though many educated buyers tend to be immune to certain forms of customer acquisition, educated consumers are able to extrapolate the influence of a brand, as well as cut out on support and overhead calls as their loyalty grows. Read more

Your Introduction to eLearning

Elearning has come a long way. It has evolved to the point where it is more than a PowerPoint presentation. Even though PowerPoint is still used in elearning course, it is no longer the main focus of all elearning courses. Today, there are different specifications and features for different types of elearning situations. Not all learning situations will call for the same elearning format. Read more

Knowledge Is An Investment: eLearning ROI

We live in an information-based society, which is propagated through advancements and improvements in technology, and this is not a trend that will be ending anytime soon. Indeed, seeking streamlined ways to deliver information and knowledge is the key to maintaining a dynamic workforce, and elearning is fast becoming the preferred way to deliver the education that a busy workforce needs to remain competitive. Read more

Advantages of eLearning

Taking education and training to an entirely new level, elearning formats are becoming a preference for businesses and schools alike. Whether you’re training the team about a new product, reviewing recent industry trends, or enhancing the learning experience for your students, elearning provides a dynamic platform from which to inspire the retention of information. Read more

Benefits of eLearning for Teachers

As a teacher, it is important that you keep on learning, that your own education never stops. As a teacher, you need to be keeping up with the changes in education that come about as time goes on, you need to be at your best at all times. Online education courses can help you stay in the game, they can help you grow and expand your knowlege. Read more

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