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We design, populate and maintain a learning management system to suit any educational need. Take your classroom to the next level.

Online Training solutions for Everyone.

Simple Classes is an online Learning Management System that takes educational content and delivers it to classrooms and offices wherever an internet connection is available. These systems can hold a wealth of information and deliver it in an easy to navigate solution.

These digital classrooms can contain videos, text books and manuals, articles, quizzes and certificates of completion. You can even track your students progress and encourage them with additional study suggestions. Let us a design an educational platform that is right for you!

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Education made simple with instant logging, student tracking and unlimited possibilities.


Interact with the system through video, books and quizzes and get rewarded with certificates.

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Track students progress and encourage further learning. Reach your students anytime they want to learn.

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Train employees and new recruits to improve business development and overall functionality.

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Check out these great demo courses that show you just exactly what Simple Classes is capable of.

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Business Improvement Techniques
Customer Service
Building Lessons
Elements and Principles of Design
Digital Photography
Image Manipulation
Creating Video
Digital Citizenship

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  • Interactive Anatomy


  • educated

    The Educated Customer

    Social media and review sites have made consumers to be more hyper-aware and educated in the buying process. Online reviews and opinions on the web рrоvides the public with thе informаtіon it needs on products аnd services so people cаn mаkе well-informed decisions. This creates buyers who understand the influences of marketing, subsequently becoming active […]

  • Introduction, Elearning, Types, 3 Types

    Your Introduction to eLearning

    Elearning has come a long way. It has evolved to the point where it is more than a PowerPoint presentation. Even though PowerPoint is still used in elearning course, it is no longer the main focus of all elearning courses. Today, there are different specifications and features for different types of elearning situations. Not all […]

  • Increase ROI

    Knowledge Is An Investment: eLearning ROI

    We live in an information-based society, which is propagated through advancements and improvements in technology, and this is not a trend that will be ending anytime soon. Indeed, seeking streamlined ways to deliver information and knowledge is the key to maintaining a dynamic workforce, and elearning is fast becoming the preferred way to deliver the […]


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